Beetle Buddies
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Beetle Bug Fire Safety App
Beetle Bug Fire Safety Team

Beetle Bug is a champion for child safety! He's a natural born leader with a big heart, big conviction and a strong bond with all children. Beetle Bug decided, with help from his friends, that he would devote his life to helping parents educate their children about safety with the use of Beetle Bug technology; parents will have an opportunity to interact, explain and practice simple rules - rules that can keep kids safe, healthy and happy. Whichever uniform he is wearing, Beetle Bug's lessons are designed to safeguard children. One day he could be a fireman, the next day maybe a lifeguard and sometimes even a superhero!
His motto is: Have Some Fun...But Get it Done...Learn a Safety Plan!”
Lil’ Bitty Bug is Beetle Bug's messenger. Lil' Bitty is fluent in bug speak, bird tweets and several human languages. Lil' Bitty can even send and receive coded messages! Lil' Bitty's skills are very valuable to the team and to the kids. Helping Beetle Bug deliver his safety lessons using her magical powers and pixie dust proves to be a great gift for everyone!
Itty Bitty Bug, of course, is the brainiac of the bunch. Being born a bookworm and given his love for reading, he provides the Beetle Buddies with all the important research for the lessons and games. And by also being an art expert, he chooses the right illustrations and drawings to match each message. No detail is too small for this guy!